How to enable document attachment in Dynamics Ax 2012

by alirazazaidi on November 26, 2014


By default document attachment is not enabled on every table. To enable document attachment you have follow following links

Organization administration > Setup > Document management > Active document tables.

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Search and add required table ie, custTable,VendTable,hrmRecuritmentTable,hcmApplicant, hcmApplicantion in “Table name” drop down and click on check box “always enabled” and Press Ctrl+S for save

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Hopes this works



If you set up Aif service data in Dynamics Ax 2012, You can easily import and export data into AX using Excel Add-in.  You can export, import data with all out of the box AIF services.  In the case of table import export in Excel add-ins then under the hood AIF metadata service used.


For current post I am using my exists custom document Service in Excel Add-ins. The more complex custom services can be written.

This custom service is in detail you can follow following article.


  • Setting up data source in Ax for Excel Add ins



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Now click open the Excel and create a new worksheet. You find Dynamics Ax  tab strip as follow

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Click  and open the connection to Dynamics Ax 2012

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Now click on add data at tab strip and click add data

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Select the source

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Now drag and expend it to required number columns.

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Second way to select the header and click on add row button  from Dynamics AX tab strip.


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Enter data and click on publish button. After pressing the publish button open table explorer in AOT, data is found.


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Dynamics Ax Excel Add-Ins not visible in Excel

by alirazazaidi on November 23, 2014

Some times after successful  installation of Dynamics Ax office Add ins, Add-in does not appear in Excel. To Enable Dynamics Ax Excel Add-ins. Click on Options in Excel.

Excel addin

Open it and select Ad-ins.


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Now from down manage and select com Add-ins and click on go


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Select check the “Microsoft Dynamics Ax Add-in for Microsoft Excel “click on Excel ok

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Click on ok

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