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Interesting, I was modifying some RDP based report, I found that parameter was passed to report through custom table, As report will run form button, and based on current selected record. So former developer did that on pressing button, selected value inserted some custom table. When report run, query on table and fetch required value form custom table and whole report logic run on that value. That approach works fine, single user environment. Problem I found to send parameter to report through x++ code. I found SrsReportRunController works wonder here.

Suppose we are running some report for customer, And Report Name is customer Report and we have to pass current customer account on form as parameter. If you report is based on Report data provider than following code snippet works for you.




SrsReportRunController          controller = new SrsReportRunController();

CustomerReprtDC  rdpContract = new CustomerReprtDC  ();

SRSPrintDestinationSettings     settings;












Suppose we have to hire a Ax Dynamics Ax Technical consultant in new Dynamics AX (AKA).

There are multiple ways to do that, but we follow these steps.


For this we have follow following steps. We explore, Job creations, we create skills, education and certification required for this job, later we create position and attach it to job. Than create a recruitment project where we mentioned who is HR Manager, who is recruiter and create a new application and hire the required person.


We can divide the whole process into following parts

  1. Create a new job
  2. Create a position and associate with job
  3. Create a new recruitment project for job.
  4. Hire a new worker against Recruitment Project.







 Create  a new Job.


After successful login


and from menu open the HR module






and expand it and click on Jobs.



On click  a new web page opens, that shows the list of jobs present in Dynamics Ax. Now Click on new button.

Job list page

In a new Job detail page, enter, Dynamics Ax consultant in job , In description, mentioned “Dynamics AX techno Functional Consultant” And Title select Consultant. You can also set

Job details

You can also Expand Skills fast tab and add new skill, If skill is not available for example in my current scenario, X++ and supply chain is not preset so on skill text box right click and click on view details.

Add new Skills

You have to add rating also the same way.


New skills Rating


When skills are added, I select them in skill section.


Next step is to add certification, Here requirement is that Person must have certification.

McP Certification

So right click on certification and create new certification and then select it.

MCP selection




Add new Education, suppose we require to person at least Graduate. So select graduation.

Bsc Computer




Now we have to add three task, that belongs Customization, integration and code.

Skill selection



Save the job from top menu and close the job

If we see on list page, we find our new job is listed there


New job is created








Create the new position


Now second step is Position creation and attach job with it.

From menu, select position.

Position Menu


On list page, from top menu, Click on new

New position




Select Job we created in last step.

New Position detail Page






You find the now position associated with job in position


New position is listed on list page

New Position List page


Create a Recruitment Project.


Now go back to Main menu and create a new Recruitment Project


Recuriement Project Menu



Form list page create new recruitment Project by clicking on new at top menu.

New Recuritment Job


Select Previously Created Job and save the Recruitment project.

Recruitment Project selection


From top menu click on and start the Recruitment Project

Click on start



Hire new employee against recruitment project

New recruitment project is started, we can receive application against this

Start Project


From top menu click on applications.

Create Application Menu


Select the applicant name, In my current scenario, required Applicant name was not exists in ERP. So I right click on Name field and click on View Details.

New Applicant



From New party page enter the Required name and create a new party.

New Person detail


After that save and select newly created party as new applicant.  Right click on top menu. And hire new worker.

Application Status and



If select employee from menu.





Click on Hire button to create new worker, the applicant successfully Hired against job.



Yesterday I deployed the new SSRS customization to staging, so QA / Functional guy can test.

Client configured the AOS to Database server and Application server was moved for backup services.

Due to change in AOS server I have to face two issues.

“No Such Host is known.”


Whenever we run the report on staging server during report processing Error pop up appear with message “ Host not found “.


Modification in Windows Register, did not solve this problem. I have to reinstall the Reporting services extension form Dynamics Ax 2012 R3.

Reporting Server Extension



Second issue I faced that During installation of Reporting Extensions. Setup did complete and shows message about it did not locate the Required AOS. Interesting setup pointing to old server.

AoS problem


I solve this error by removing the credential save for Business connecter form Administration module for Dynamics AX. After rerun the reporting extension form AX Setup, Installation will complete successfully. Later deploy all reports and reports runs successfully.



You can download Dynamics AX 7 RTW update 1 from Microsoft connect with following link.



More interestingly, now You can download it in browser, I used Internet download manager.


You can find detail about what’s new in update 1 in following links








Hi, All, today I have to modify the report. Interestingly this report was built on AOT Query, instead of Data provider class. Current Scenario I was working on Worker Report. The requirement was to show’s primary position and department. HCMWorker table has two display method returns these values.

We can add these display methods into reports by following way.

For example I am modify the out of the box HCMWorkersHiredInPeriod Report.


2016-06-13_15-25-16 2016-06-13_15-25-51










Now Problem appears, we need different values then provided by out of the box display methods. For example we need Position Title instead of Primary Position Id. for this Add new display method that will return the Position Title instead of Position Id, compile table synchronize table, restore the AOT Query and refresh the report data Set. If there is no error in your working environment you will find required methods in report Data set.



Suppose we need exchange rate from In Dynamics AX, For example dollar to Pakistani Rupee exchange rate.

We can do this in three steps



Exchange rate Type in Dynamics Ax (Aka AX 7)


Create a new exchange rate in new Dynamics Ax (Aka 7)


Setup Exchange rate in Ledger Dynamics Ax 7


For creating new exchange rate type click on top menu and click on ledger.



From detail menu click on Exchange Rate Type

Exchange Rate Type


Click on new button from exchange rate types list page


new Echange Rate Type


Enter PkR and detail about it and click on save.




Click on General ledger from Ax menu.

Exchange Rate

When currency exchange rates page opens, it load default rate change. Select required rate exchange type.



From currency select dollar and to currency Pkr and set conversion factor to 100.

Step up 2


Also save and then add effective dates.








Ledger Setup



Rate Update




In very basic level we can divide the Sale order into following steps



  1. Create New Customer
  2. Create a Sale order
  3. Pick the Sale Order
  4. Pack the Sale order
  5. Invoice the Sale Order