Exploring the Full text index In Dynamics Ax 2012 R3

by alirazazaidi on August 23, 2015

Consider following points for Full text index on Dynamics Ax 2012

  • Full text index used only on text fields on table.
  • They find all records from table which contains the key words
  • Queries can be used to and full text index used in range filters
  • If keywords contains spaces then it will used as “Or” operator.
  • X++ select statement cannot use full text index.


Let explore the full text index on our custom table “HSPatientTable”


And we want full index search of FName of above mentioned table. First of all right click on table and from property window set table group property to “Main”.


Now expand the full text Index node of table and create a new full index name it as IdxFName and drag drop the Fname in this index.


Compile and synchronize table so changes reflect at sql server level.


Now create Now Ax job and paste following code there

static void Job1(Args _args)


HsPatientTable patientTable;

Query query;

QueryBuildDataSource queryBDSource;

QueryBuildRange queryBRange;

QueryRun queryRun; 

delete_from patientTable;

patientTable.HsPatientId ="01";

patientTable.FName =" Ali Raza zaidi";


patientTable.HsPatientId ="02";

patientTable.FName =" Ranjah jogi";


patientTable.HsPatientId ="03";

patientTable.FName ="Waseem akahram";


patientTable.HsPatientId ="04";

patientTable.FName ="Shah jii";


patientTable.HsPatientId ="05";

patientTable.FName ="AX guru";


query = new Query();

queryBDSource = query.addDataSource(tableNum(HsPatientTable));

queryBRange = queryBDSource.addRange(fieldNum(HsPatientTable, FName));




// The space character is treated as a Boolean OR.

queryBRange.value("AX jii");



queryRun = new QueryRun(query);

while (queryRun.next())


patientTable = queryRun.get(tableNum(HsPatientTable));

info (" Patient Id: "  + patientTable.HsPatientId + " , Patient Name: " +patientTable.FName);




I used the value “AX jii”. The space between two words consider as Or and in result it will return two records



Today I got strange query from client that we are adding dimensions like Style in “All production Order” list page using Personalization option. Field added into grid but when we close and reopen the form, it disappear from grid. So there is possible issue with dynamics Ax installation.


When I started to investigate, it was only issue with dimension fields ,  if you save any field from Production order it will save, for example If I want to save “BomId”, It is properly save with respect to user and display on grid.


For Dimensions, Please go to View tab and click on Dimension and add Dimension, it will save and will available for all





Hopes this will helps



Yesterday at one of our company client was facing this issue, on every transaction or even on validating the Journal post error popup as

Invalid object name “tempd.dbo.t4887_”.

“Sql statement, select t1.recid from tempdb.”DBO”.t4887_”


I feel that this error is due  tempdb space fill in sql server or temp table created in SQL already exists. It did not let delete or create temp tables inside SQL server.  I solve this issue with following work around.


  1. Stop AOS.
  2. Stop, analysis services, and SSRS services
  3. Stop Sql server and sql server agent ( If running)
  4. Start SQL server.
  5. Start analysis services and ssrs services.
  6. Start AOS.

Last one week this error is not appear on client.


I think there will be planned down time on AX production environment, where AOS and SQL services must be restarted after weekly or monthly basis.


MS Dynamics Ax 2012 Infrastructure ppt

by alirazazaidi on August 16, 2015

Today I was searching information about MS Dynamics Ax 2012 infrastructure, I found old but excellent power point presentation slide for Dynamics Ax 2012 on slide-share by Davy Vliegen


About Ax 7 and Cloud I found very nice paper at Inside Microsoft Dyanmics Ax Blog. They wrote about the paper

In the paper, Mr. Greenbaum explains how the next release of Microsoft Dynamics AX, running on the Microsoft Azure, positions cloud computing for a dramatic and meaningful shift. With a starting discussion of the long-standing customer promises and pain points with regard to ERP, Greenbaum explains the basics of our cloud offering and then describes the benefits to both partners and customers.

AX 7

Paper link is as follow http://blogs.msdn.com/cfs-file.ashx/__key/communityserver-components-postattachments/00-10-62-70-38/Redefing-the-potential-of-enterprise-cloud-computing-WP-final.pdf


and original post  is as follow


Picture above taking from paper mentioned above link.


Field Mismatch in Union Query in Dynamics Ax 2012 R3

by alirazazaidi on August 5, 2015

Yesterday, after code merger or migrate from Dynamics Ax 2012 R2 to R3, I got very strange errors in AOT Query or static Query. Error was already reported and solved by different MVPs like Martin Darb and Tommy Skaue.
“Field Mismatch in Union Query”.



In code migration, they increased the field length of EDT. For example for Unknown reason In one of customs code, they increase the “Name” EDT from 60 to 120 character. And this result into creating problems in Union Based Queries.

I solved it following way.

  • Expand the Union Query.
  • Select all views one by one. And check that field on which exception through.
  • Expand the query on which view,
  • Locate the table, and from field I get the EDT name
  • Change the length of EDT and let it synchronize.
  • Expand the table and check the field Length.
  • Expand the View it shows the old length.
  • Expand the query, Right click on it and restored. If length did not reflect change and no customization in View.
  • Right click and delete it. View will delete and restored again from Sys layer. New view will shows the update length.
  • Compile the query.

Reference : https://community.dynamics.com/ax/f/33/t/103490


Today I got chance to find a relationship between vendor packing list and vendor Invoice.  I was expecting that it there was direct relationship between VendPackingtrans and VendInvocietrans. If you expand VendInvoceTrans, there will be a relation but that relation will never use in Dynamics ax 2012. After searching I found VendPackingSlipQuantityMatch table which has relation between VendPackingTrans and VendInvoiceTrans.

VendPackingSlipTrans _PackingTrans;

VendPackingSlipQuantityMatch _ VendPackingSlipQuantityMatch;

vendInvoicetrans _ vendInvoicetrans;

I got the VendInvoiceTrans and VendPackingTrans as follow.

select firstOnly * from _PackingTrans

join _VendPackingSlipQuantityMatch

where _VendPackingSlipQuantityMatch.InvoiceSourceDocumentLIne ==vendInvoiceTrans.SourceDocumentLine

&& _PackingTrans.SourceDocumentLine == _VendPackingSlipQuantityMatch.PackingSlipSourceDocumentLine;


Today I decide to experiment with custom service. So I decided to create custom table with Name MyColorTable.


This table contains only one field Name. and made it unique with no allow duplicate on Index.



If we consider custom service in Dynamics Ax 2012, it contains following objects


  • X++ Data contract class
  • X++ Service contract class
  • Service Node
  • Service Group node.


Data Contract class

So first we create Data contract class

Suppose Our data contract class name is  ColorDc




class ColorDC


Name ColorName;


Now add a new method with Name ParmColorName and set its as



[ DataMemberAttribute('ColorName')]

public Name parmColorName(Name _ColorName=ColorName)



return ColorName;




Service contract class:

Now we write a Service class which contains Three method Purpose of these method to explore the require attribute for getting parameter in service method and return list from service method.

InsertColor. (This method contains single color)

InsertColorList (This method take list of colorDC as parameter).

GetColorList ( This method return list of colorDC).



AifCollectionTypeAttribute('Colorobj', Types::Class)]

public void InsertColor(ColorDC Colorobj)


MyColorTable _Color;

Name _Name;


_Name = Colorobj.parmColorName();


select * from _Color where _Color.Name== _Name;


if (_Color==null)





_Color.Name = _Name;












In above method we add some attribute which allow this method to act as web method and attribute help us define the expected parameter for this method call.


Now we call create another method, here attributes also described method as webmethod and also method expect what type of parameter.


AifCollectionTypeAttribute("ColorList",Types::Class, classStr(ColorDC))


public Void InsertColorList(List ColorList )


ListIterator  iterator;

ListEnumerator  enumerator;

ListIterator   literator;

ColorDC       _color;



enumerator = ColorList.getEnumerator();




_color= enumerator.current();

if (_color !=null)









Now get method which return all color in Ax.


AifCollectionTypeAttribute('return', Types::Class, classStr(ColorDC))]

public list GetColorList()


ColorDC Colorobj;

List _ColorList = new List(Types::Class);

MyColorTable  Colorbuf;

while select * from Colorbuf



Colorobj = new ColorDC();




return _ColorList;


Now compile it now

Service Object:

create a service object and set Service contract class there

New Service

Expand ColorService object and Right click on Operations and click on add method, this way we can restrict which method need to expose in service or which method need not.



Click on all check boxes and enabled them

Service Group:

Create a new service group and drag and drop service object under it.





Right click on ColorServiceGroup and deploy the service



Wait and let It deploy Info box shows the message that service is deployed successfully




No service is successfully deployed, Now open Ax client , from Administration section. Setup=> AIF => Inbond port.




Open Visual studio and create a new Console application for testing the code.

Right click on references and ad service reference








First we call insert the records in service.


using System;

using System.Collections.Generic;

using System.Linq;

using System.Text;


namespace ConsoleApplication2


class Program


static void Main(string[] args)


ColorServiceGroup.ColorDC cd1 = new ColorServiceGroup.ColorDC();

cd1.ColorName = "Red";

ColorServiceGroup.ColorDC cd2 = new ColorServiceGroup.ColorDC();

cd2.ColorName = "Blue";

ColorServiceGroup.ColorDC cd3 = new ColorServiceGroup.ColorDC();

cd3.ColorName = "Yellow";


ColorServiceGroup.ColorDC[] DcList = new ColorServiceGroup.ColorDC[] { cd1, cd2, cd3 };

ColorServiceGroup.ColorServiceClient _Client = new ColorServiceGroup.ColorServiceClient();


ColorServiceGroup.CallContext _CallContext = new ColorServiceGroup.CallContext();

_CallContext.Company = "USMF";

_Client.InsertColorList(_CallContext, DcList);









When I run the above code in Visual studio  records are successfully inserted in original table.




Now we call list of colors exist in Dynamics Ax 2012.

using System;

using System.Collections.Generic;

using System.Linq;

using System.Text;


namespace ConsoleApplication2


class Program


static void Main(string[] args)





ColorServiceGroup.ColorServiceClient _Client = new ColorServiceGroup.ColorServiceClient();


ColorServiceGroup.CallContext _CallContext = new ColorServiceGroup.CallContext();

_CallContext.Company = "USMF";

ColorServiceGroup.ColorDC[] _DcList=   _Client.GetColorList(_CallContext);

//    ColorServiceGroup.ColorDC _Dc ;

foreach (ColorServiceGroup.ColorDC _Dc in _DcList)













When I run the above code, all records exists in Ax display on c# console




Today I was facing a strange problem. I use ledger entry for customer code which was freely available on different blog. You can find the same code here, which I used it two years ago.


This code will work perfectly fine. We create ledger entry for different customer and our customization is working fine. But when we create ledger entry for newly created customer. Ledger entry successfully created but customer account was not populated. More interestingly if we create or manually update same ledger entry for same customer account, the rest of customization works fines for same customer.

When I struck and no way out, I queried to NDA AX group, Only André Arnaud de Calavon

Replied with hint. Problem was that Customer account must exist in DimensionAttributeValueCombination.

When we create a ledger entry first time for customer, Ax create first customer entry in DimensionAttributeValueCombination table. Then go for Ledger entry.

After writing code, searched finally I found that following statement works for me.

DimensionStorage::getDynamicAccount(_CustTable.AccountNum, LedgerJournalACType::Cust);


This statement, search Ledger dimension, if found it will return otherwise will create and return.

Why I love Dynamics Ax, Because, ERP is so vast that every day new challenge and every day something new for learning.


Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU9 Update : Step-By-Step

by alirazazaidi on July 12, 2015

Download from partner source or customer source.

  • AXUpdateInstaller
  • DynamicsAX2012R3-KB3063879-SlipStreamOnly

Extract AXUpdateInstaller.


Now also extract the silpstream  in same folder where AX 2012 AxUpdateInstaller extracted.

Extractioned folder


If you did not download slipstream, then during setup it will ask and download it at run time.

Now before running setup perform following steps to

Environment preparation:

  1. Backup business and model store databases. Backup the database that is being updated.
  2. Make sure that you are an Admin on local computer and System Administrator in Dynamics AX.
  3. Make sure that you are a member of “SecurityAdmin” server role on the SQL Server instance.
  4. Make sure that you are a “db_owner” role in model database.
  5. Make sure the system runs in single-user mode while installing this update (or down-time).



From extracted folder Click on axupdate.exe with administrator rights.



Click on next






Click on Accept and continue.


It is my testing own Virtual machine, So select Model store According to your environment.


Click on it and it will take time, not more then 5 to 10 minutes.



Click on next button



Select the component you want to update , for current article I select all.


Let it install it.


After that following screen appears describe the successful update





Post Installation:



Perform initialization steps